Rave cat is a project that was created as a visual identity experiment, by taking portrait photos of artists and my friends. Classic portraits become silhouettes without identities, unrecognisable and mysterious figures with enigmatic meaning.

“At one photo shoot, I couldn’t bear listening to a friend who kept asking if she looks good in a photo. Nothing else mattered except whether she thought she was beautiful in the photo. I remember that at some point I saw a cat sitting on her shoulder, taking her identity away in colors. As soon I came home, I drew the scene I saw in my mind and decided to give birth to the Rave Cat, so she can attack people everywhere. That she would take away their identities and have a great party with all of them. I’m the only one whose identity she is letting be because she has hypnotised me so she could use me to accomplish her mission.”

Rave Cat is indestructible, she listens to rave, dance is her life, she hypnotises people and brings them into her own dimension. She is having fun, comes out of trapped worlds that we, simple people, usually live in. Rave Cat never sleeps. Watch out, she might come and get you too!

The project is created in a mixed technique of photography and printing. Photography as a base and screen printing.