Dance and movement came to my life through the theatre.

When I watched the dancers on the stage I felt strong emotions and connection. Dance photography is about expressing my inner emotion; the power and fragility of dance is affecting my most profound and intimate feelings.

In 2010, I began to explore the movement through dance. I documented the movements of the dancers during the performance and rehearsal, without directing and posing. I photographed them in the emotions and energy they leave on the stage.

Dancing is a force that inspires me and every time it leads me to explore this art.

Jan Fabre, Dunja Jocic, Edward Clug, Tao Dance Theatre, Jasmin Vardimon, David Hernandez, Matija Ferlin, Masa Kolar, Bitef Festival, Zagreb Dance Company, Hungry Sharks company, and many more. Those are artists and dance companies with I had the opportunity to cooperate and explore the movement through the dancers.